Conflicts of Interest

LINK Relationship:

LINK International Group Limited is a is a major Shareholder in Spring Loans Limited. Spring Loans Limited is managed by following a robust advice process that explores all provider options that meet client needs.  Evidenced through “Game Plan” statement of advice.

Insurance Referrals:

From time to time we may refer you to an ‘Insurance Adviser’ in some instances we do receive a referral gratuity. Spring Advisers do not have any bearing or influence over the level or type of insurance that may be placed, this is to be fully determined by you the client & the Insurance Adviser.

Conflicts of interest and Commissions

On settlement of a mortgage we usually receive commission from the applicable product provider. The commission is generally of an upfront nature but may also include a trail commission. We also receive a fixed rate roll over fee from some product providers if we assist in refixing your loan. We manage these conflicts of interest by:

  • Always recommending the best product for your purpose regardless of the type and amount of commission we will receive.
  • Ensuring the amount of any loan is in accordance with your identified needs.
  • Providing you with the below table showing commission rates and types by product provider The commission we receive on loans is calculated as a percentage of the loan.

As soon as we know the type of loan and amount we are putting in place, and that it has been accepted by the lender, we will let you know the amount and frequency of the commission received. We can also receive a referral fee or commission if we refer you to our referral partners.