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Commercial Loans

Whether you are looking to buy a commercial property to house your company, as an investment or needing to get a loan to expand your business, there are a number of different options available.

The fundamentals surrounding borrowing for commercial endeavours are a little different from those that affect residential. Commercial and business ventures often require more of a specialist approach as the main trading banks have most of their resources dedicated to funding owner-occupied & investment residential lending.

It’s important to know that trading banks change their appetite all of time in regard to the type of lending they want to be involved with. This applies equally to commercial and business lending. Just because you have been with a particular bank for many years does not mean that they will lend you the most money for a commercial venture, in fact they may not lend at all.

Having an overview of the whole lending market is imperative, not only work out where you can borrow the most but to make sure that the lending you get is at the best rate and structure for your needs.

When it comes to funding for the development of commercial property, or where commercial property is acquired for the purposes of tenanting and on-selling, there are a number of options outside the main trading banks. These lenders understand quick turn-around of property and focus on the asset as opposed to needing to prove income. These types of lenders are also useful for those borrowers who would like to hold a property for a longer term but cannot prove income at the time of purchase.

There has never been a time when the banks look at lending propositions in more detail than they do now. It is important to present the deal in the right way to the right people and that’s what we specialise in at Spring Mortgages. For more than a decade we have helped many people into commercial property and with business loans.

“Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it.”

Benjamin Graham

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